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I Success Awards, Record Edition in 2024: A Prestigious Event, 7-Day Festival in Cannes

The I Success Awards, the world’s largest networking event, dazzled in Cannes with a record-breaking edition! The first gala of 2024 elevated its status from a one-night spectacle to a true festival, spanning seven days. In the capital of elegance on the French Riviera, I Success brought together international celebrities, influencers, and ultra-luxury brands, achieving the distinction of ranking among the top three events held concurrently with the Cannes International Film Festival!

I Success Awards, Record Edition in 2024: 7 Days, 7 Fabulous Moments

I Success Awards reinvented itself: the first edition of 2024, held at the end of May, invited dozens of guests to a location as spectacular as the entire event. Villa Des Lys in Cannes, a testament to luxury, hosted I Success for seven days, featuring seven fabulous moments, thereby confirming its prestige and influence in the world of exclusive events.

“We are talking about key moments, our surprise for those who are part of the I Success story. This year’s gala was marked by the presentation of exclusive exhibits. This includes the most expensive whiskey bottle in the world, valued at 2.8 million euros, produced by The Craft Irish Whiskey, adorned with emeralds, with a box containing an egg and a watch by the renowned jewelry house Fabergé. Equally impressive was the world’s largest champagne bottle, a 60-liter D. Rock Champagne. We also managed to gather a remarkable art collection, with paintings worth 1 million euros, exhibited by the most important art gallery in Seoul, Gallery Chaman,” said Eduard Irimia, the event producer.

D. Rock Champagne

The week-long gala continued with other special moments: the luxury watch industry was also represented! Helfer Geneva created six unique, limited-edition watches featuring the event’s logo. Additionally, guests enjoyed a private concert by South African artist Nomcebo Zikode, a Grammy winner in 2023. Queen Mother Blakely, known as the inspiration for the film “Sister Act,” delivered an impressive speech. For fashion enthusiasts, the highlight of the extended gala was an exclusive show by the giant Dolce & Gabbana. Models paraded in the latest collection by the Italian duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Helfer Geneva

The 7-Day Gala Among the Top Events in Cannes

Among the notable personalities at the event was Hofit Golan, an entrepreneur, model, and influencer with nearly 4 million Instagram followers, who was awarded the Influencer of the Year, Wellness & Beauty: “I took part in an amazing event! I am extremely grateful for these wonderful moments spent in the company of truly remarkable people,” the influencer said upon receiving the award.

Hofit Golan

Alvaro Nunez, another prominent figure at the I Success Awards and a luxury real estate developer in Miami, was honored with the Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year trophy. Aliia Roza, a mentor for women worldwide, followed by over a million people online and awarded for her latest audiobook, “To Die For,” stated at the event: “I am grateful for the I Success – The Best Audio Book award! Presented as a podcast, my audiobook is now among the top 40 shows available on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio!”

Aliia Roza, Alvaro Nunez and Hofit Golan

Vincent de Paul, a two-time Emmy winner, and Romanian George Burcea, internationally known for his role as Lurch in the Netflix hit “Wednesday,” where he starred alongside Catherine Zeta Jones, were also among the names present on the red carpet!

Vincent De Paul, George Burcea and Viviana Sposub

Flavia Covaciu, co-founder of I Success: “We are delighted to see how far the concept has come, now a benchmark in exclusive networking! We are pleased to announce that the May 2024 edition of the I Success Awards ranked among the top three events in Cannes during the Film Festival, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s exclusive party and the AmfAR Anniversary Gala.”

Flavia Covaciu – I Success Co-Founder

I Success Foundation, Award for International Activity

As every year, the event also had a significant charitable component! The I Success Foundation, which has earned a notable reputation for promoting causes in need of support, gained international attention thanks to its latest achievement. Maria Lisowki, the wife of the president of Fashion TV Global, present at the event, awarded the I Success Foundation for its global activities concerning autism.

Oana Irimia, co-founder of I Success: “Change truly starts with each of us! The award is not just a recognition of the recent efforts of the I Success Foundation, but it also confirms the global need for greater awareness and support for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. We move forward, adhering to the same belief – building a world where every individual is valued and respected in their entirety!”

Oana Irimia – I Success, Co-Founder

Moreover, guests at the event could financially contribute to supporting noble causes. Lujaina Mohsin Darwish, a businesswoman leading MHD LLC, one of the largest businesses in the Gulf, and recognized for her humanitarian work, stood out. Lujaina received the “Angel Ambassador” title at the high-profile event. Two Romanian women also supported the Foundation’s cause and were among the awardees: Cosmina Măhăra, co-founder and general manager of the Agriro Fresh brand, and Dr. Raluca Pascu, medical manager of the iDentity Clinic dental clinic.

Lujaina Mohsin Darwish

I Success, A Unique Concept in Full Expansion

A unique global concept, part of the SuperUniverse project, I Success Awards has become the most important event recognizing achievements in various fields, gathering a community of exceptional people who can share their professional experiences in an exclusive setting. Founded over 10 years ago, the gala creates opportunities for global exposure and builds unique business relationships through high-end events.

Eduard Irimia – I Success President

“I Success Awards is now an international story, with events held in some of the most prestigious locations in the world: Cannes, Venice, Dubai, Monaco, and many more to come soon. The core mission of I Success remains the recognition of the best of the best!” declare the concept’s founders, Flavia Covaciu and Oana Irimia.

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