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About I Success Tv

“ I  Success TV”- is an online television, is a digital platform that integrates social-media, websites, blogs and live streaming.

Why choose I Success TV?

Brand Awareness


Our Mission

We want to be an independent online television, which helps brands to develop, bringing an extra image and substance. Only in this way will brands or companies grow strategically and efficiently, increasing their profit and credibility. We want the guests of the I Success TV show to come from all areas of activity: companies, big or small brands, growing businesses, personalities and artists. There is a reason why television and the online environment are known as the pinnacle of the media pyramid. The modern man wants to know, to know everything around him, and this information should not be further from the screen of his phone.

We have all the answers!


What we offer?

In a world that is always in competition, to be credible means to have your brand noticed. With the help of an online TV show, a new audience is reached and new customers will be attracted. In addition, you will benefit from a unique competitive advantage, and the brand will grow organically.
The possibility to bring your brand in the spotlight.
We have a common goal!

We want to keep your costs as low as possible, to maximize your profitability, to increase your exposure and credibility and to position you as a leader in your field.


How to have a known brand?

Publicity reports increase in popularity and humanize the brand. We can help you with a “free” scenario to highlight the values ​​of the brand you have created.

Of course, there may be the classic version in which we will interview you on a set or you can have a person ask you questions from behind the camera, but with an easy, informal approach.

There may be questions that your audience would like to receive an answer to, and that’s why we offer you the opportunity to incorporate them into the material.


The best choices for you

You could set up your own TV show to sell your product.

People do business with other people, not brands! People end up falling in love with people and not brands / businesses. Sometimes it is important to leave the office to show that you are human.

This can still be done in a professional way or as informally as you want.

Can I add other materials during the interview?

Of course! We take care of everything for you! You can provide us with existing content, even if it is on Youtube or images and logos.

It’s up to you!


Why I Success Tv?

An ordinary person spends more than eight hours a day surfing the internet. Only you can answer. It’s your brand. You are important to people. You are an authority and you will be considered by the media as someone who deserves to be listened to.

How long will it take? Normally, if you turn to a TV production company to approve a show for you or even an advertisement, it would take a few weeks to decide on legal contracts and terms and conditions. Then the creative process and production will take several months. And so on…

None of this!

With us, everything can take a few days!

Increasing popularity

Improving credibility

Audience development